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About Me

Yoga with Rosanne


I was lucky enough to stumble upon an Iyengar Yoga class as a student. The discipline of the method, focusing on posture, alignment and precision in the poses with the help of equipment such as belts and blocks makes it accessible to every body. I passed my teacher training in 2002 and have been teaching ever since. The word YOGA means UNION. And that union is the one between mind, body and spirit. In practicing the asanas or poses one learns awareness of the connections between those three elements within us. Yoga Workshops in Holt, yoga classes in Holt and yoga classes near the Norfolk Broads welcome you!

Yoga for Health


Yoga has been proven to be a huge help in many different aspects of health. From a physical point of view, yoga will bring strength, stamina and flexibility. Skeletal and muscular issues like bad backs, knees, hips and stiff joints can be relieved. From a psychological point of view, the modern aliment of stress can be managed very successfully, aiding concentration and bringing clarity to the mind. From a spiritual point of view, yoga can bring quiet and peace to the practitioner. The ability to be still in our busy world is a valuable tool in life. Working mindfully in the poses is a meditation that can bring a peace that will pervade the rest of your life.

Yoga for Real People


Yoga is not just for the flexible - yoga is for the willing! If you are worried that the classes or workshops will be full of people who can tie their ankles around their necks then please don't be. I like to think that classes are like life - you can't take it too seriously. There will be moments of blissful quietness and peace as well as moments of laughter, exploration, discovery and revelation. Corny as it sounds yoga is a journey you take with yourself to bring awareness of yourself and your body, their strengths and weaknesses and to start to learn and listen to both body and spirit. Every body will benefit from a yoga practice regardless of ability or age.